I used to write for an entertainment news site. However, after half a year of volunteer work it was decided for a number of different reasons that I resign from my position. This page used to hold links to all of of my articles from that site.

After leaving, I have decided not to associate myself with the site. This choice has led me to remove links to articles from my blog as post a few select favorite articles for my writing portfolio here in their entirety.


‘American Horror Story’ season 7 and beyond: 5 storyline ideas that could carry the show to 2019

Laurel Castillo is the best ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ character

‘How to Get Away with Murder’: Did (spoiler) really kill Wes?

Murder meets magic: Sorting your ‘HTGAWM’ faves into Hogwarts houses

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl show fumbled at the moment we needed her most

‘The Good Fight’ review: Is ‘The Good Wife’ spinoff worthy of its predecessor?

Dueling columns: Why we need another year in the Gilmore Girls’ lives

‘Beauty and the Beast’ review: A tale as old as time (again)

Ignore the bad press: ‘The Belko Experiment’ is a must-see take on ‘The Hunger Games’

‘Jane the Virgin:’ Why you-know-who is still totally alive

What ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 7 can do to make the show great again

‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ vs ‘Mighty Morphing Power Rangers’ television series: Comparing the classic and the reboot


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