you don’t have to have a fancy car. in fact, you don’t have to drive at all. just know where to go and how to take me away, that’s all that i require

forget about getting all dressed up, because i’d rather dress you down. just undo that tie and kick off those shoes and curl up next to me now

don’t do your hair, don’t buy me lunch, don’t tell me that you love me. just light that pipe, just hold my hand, and shut up cause words destroy things

you think you know what perfect is, but bitch you don’t have a clue. you laugh too hard at silly things, that’s who you are you stare at stars, and i just stare at you

unperfect teeth, unperfect nose, unperfect freckle on your hip, we’ve got maxed-out cards and cheap bicardi and blackened, bruised, and bloody lips

we don’t want the same things dear and we don’t sing the same songs and if i asked you about me you would probably just answer everything wrong

there’s a house on a hill, with a porch and a dog, it’s miles and miles away. but if i had to chose between that and just you i’d choose unperfect any day


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