there are six strings:

a name
the one that will haunt me forever

a face
the one I’ll never escape in my dreams

a memory
the one when you came back and said you wouldn’t ever leave again

a confession
the one I wish I could take back

a promise
the one that you did

the one that will never be the same

six strings
and though you play beautifully
you somehow managed to break them all


2 thoughts on “ strings ”

  1. I dig this. Especially, the structure; it reads from high to low strings. Was curious, if that was intentional? Working from a high point in the relationship to a low point? That kind of thing. Regardless, I really dig it.

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    1. Oh my god. Haha! I actually did! I didn’t think anyone would actually think about it that hard though! Thank you so much! that means a lot to hear!


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