There’s something odd about a first blog post. Having had about six separate blogs at one time or another myself, you’d think that I would be used to it by now—I’m not. Writing a first blog post feels a little bit intimidating to me because it’s kind of like you’re trying to impress someone that isn’t even really there. Like right now, I’ve written and rewritten this post about seven times already and have only gotten a few sentences in. (I think this might be the one!)


None of my blogs have ever really stuck before, and I guess that’s because I started to think too hard about what I was posted and eventually I became more concerned about posting for my followers than for me. So this time around I’m making this blog is for me. A place to post my thoughts, ideas, memories, and all sorts of feelings in between. Feel free to read and enjoy, as I try to map out, organize, and make sense of the cluttered mess inside my head.


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